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What benefits does membership offer?

Access to a long established network of competitors and peers. Peers who know that our true competition is found in the large swath of un-advised Canadians and costs and burdens of fractured and layered regulation.

Partners program

Valuable discounts extended from our partners to your entire firm; executive team and staff, as well as registrants.


From time to time the FID-FCI creates member resources to help them navigate regulatory changes. These have historically included things like the Promotional Items Guideline, ETF and Liquid Alt resources. Also access our archive of comment letters and conference presentations.

Monday Musings

Have your event or press release included in our weekly newsletter. We provide a curated list of news worth reading, with a scattering from across the regulatory globe to provide insight on what may be coming next. 

We have a very special member list, where sometimes the 'open rate' hits 50%. 

Regulatory Musings

Launching soon, our new 'Regulatory Musings' (name to be voted on) will be issued once monthly, a hand written missive on the developments and changes that can impact your firm from across the country. It will highlight Federation accomplishments and media appearances, and the current state of play on various advocacy concerns.

Member Events

Every year we aim to hold a series of membership meetings, board meetings, a major conference and an annual dinner. In addition to these we host ad-hoc working groups and topical webinars.

How much does it cost?

Our members enjoy a fair membership fee, which has not increased in nearly twenty years. 


Dealer fees are based upon the number of registrants. Please complete the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss specifics. 


We welcome our partners to join as affiliates. They may participate in all member events, and add their perspectives into our key discussions. It adds value for our members to have partners in the room who can address related experiences, factors, or processes that are external to dealerships. While the FID-FCI appreciates the support and interest of affiliate members, it does not advocate for any issue that doesn't directly impact dealer members.

Affiliate categories

​​Please get in touch via the form below or on the contact page. We will be in touch ​with details.

    • ​Mutual Fund company
    • Corporation and Service Providers
    • Individual​

​Please complete this form. We will be in touch with the membership application & details.

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Board of directors

Esteemed individuals within the Federation generously volunteer their time and expertise to serve on our board. The board's proactive approach guarantees that the FID-FCI stays committed to its objective of advancing dealers' interests.

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Discover the fascinating history of The Federation. Share your favourite personalities or standout moments to be added here.

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FID-FCI Member list

Who are Federation members? Click here to see a list of our current member firms. To access the private directory of individual participants you must be a member.